Why is My Electrical Outlet Hot

If you have an electrical outlet or two in your house that feels warm to the touch, you might assume that it’s something that just happens sometimes. The truth is, it can be an extremely dangerous situation, and you must not waste time getting to the bottom of it!

How Do I Know If My Hot Outlet is Bad?

The first thing you should do is to unplug everything from the electrical outlet. Wait an hour with everything unplugged and recheck the outlet. If it’s still hot, you’ve got a faulty outlet. If it’s cooled down, that lets you know that whatever was plugged into the outlet was causing the problem.

What Should I Do if I Have a Hot Outlet?

Once you determine that you have a hot outlet… call an electrician!  Your electrical outlet should not be hot, and you need to have an electrician look at it right away. Better safe than sorry!  Hot outlets are not normal, and they’re not safe! 

Why is My Outlet Hot?

There are a couple of reasons why your outlet might feel hot to the touch. If your circuit is overloaded, the outlet will be hot. Another reason is bad wiring. If your wiring was done wrong or damaged, this represents a real danger, and you should have it looked at by an electrician without delay! You will need to have your wiring in your house inspected to ensure there’s no fire hazard.

How Can I Prevent My Outlet from Overheating?

If the wiring or outlets are not faulty, you can still take steps to ensure that your electrical outlet does not overheat. Consider cutting down on the power strips that you use around the house. The use of power strips can cause outlets to heat up. 

If you use appliances that have transformers built into the cord, this can be an issue leading to warm or hot outlets. When a device uses a transformer, it actually converts the voltage input to another voltage output. Your outlet may not be able to handle this. That’s why we want to unplug your appliances as we diagnose the problem.

Will My Hot Outlet Lead to a House Fire?

It really depends on what is causing your outlet to heat up. If the outlet is old and worn, the contacts could be loose or even touch improperly inside the outlet. Your outlets may pose a fire hazard even if nothing is plugged into them. If your outlet gets wet, or has material accumulating inside it, this can lead to a fire. If the wiring is faulty… you are at risk of the outlet catching on fire. 

How Can I Be Sure My Outlets are Safe?

Suppose you’re concerned because your outlets are warm or hot from time to time. In that case, the smartest thing to do is call an electrician to come out and inspect your outlets and your wiring throughout the house. Contact us at Deshaies Electric, and we’ll come to your home and do an electrical inspection. Give yourself the peace of mind you need when it comes to hot outlets. Reach out today!