Updating Your Lighting Fixtures

One of the ways you can update the whole look of your home is by updating your light fixtures. Like pink tile or shiny chrome faucets, older outdated lighting can make your house look, well… old.
While you may be focusing on the rooms the public can see, your home is your oasis, and you should continue an updated look further than the living room and kitchen. Carry it through to the bedrooms and bathrooms… even your entryway could probably use some new lighting to welcome visitors to your home.
You find reasonable prices for many of these updates, and they and can change the whole look of your house without breaking the bank. Let’s look at some of the lighting styles you might want to consider:

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, is also known as can lights or downlights. Typically installed in the ceiling, they give your lighting a clean, modern look. One of the best features of recessed lighting is its ability to be placed strategically around the area to highlight specific design elements that you love about your home.
If you have areas that you want to highlight around the home, consider can lights an excellent choice to accomplish that.

Track Lighting… New and Improved!

Yes, track lighting is still in use today, although the updated form and functionality present attractive lighting options for you. In fact, if you’ve got track lighting now, you can recycle the track itself. Simply install stylish new lights using the same track you already have. The track lights themselves can be replaced with modern, fashionable hanging pendant lights, which are available in so many styles and sizes now. So, don’t dismiss your track lighting as old and clunky… a few minor changes, and your track lighting is… Gorgeous!

It’s Not Your Grandma’s Chandelier!

For most of us, the word “chandelier” brings to mind big, clunky, heavy ceiling fixtures, dripping with crystals, and looking like “old money.” Today’s chandeliers will surprise you! You can choose from a variety of classy styles, anything from a pared-down Scandinavian look to a fun, colorful chandelier with an intricate design. Not all chandeliers were created equally, as it turns out.

Updating Pendant Lighting – Create Drama!

Pendant lighting is a popular choice in today’s “homescapes.” Instead of repurposing your old track lighting and hanging pendants in their place, you can hang pendants individually to create drama and highlight areas that we’re particularly proud of in our home.
Do you have pendant lighting and hate it? Something as simple as swapping out your pendant shades may change the whole look of the room and update your lighting instantly!

Can We Help You with Updating Lighting Fixtures?

The suggestions we’ve made in this article range in difficulty from very simple to quite complex. If you need help planning or completing updates to your lighting fixtures, the team at Deshaies is here to help you with the project! You may contact us when you’re ready.