Updating Your Home Lighting

If you’ve got older lighting fixtures in your home, you already know that they make your home look dated. If you’re thinking about updating your home lighting, start with your oldest fixture and see what a difference it makes. Before you know it, you’ll be working room to room, putting an up-to-date polish on the entire house. Let’s shed some light on suggestions to help!

Show Off Your Focal Point With Home Lighting

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In most rooms, you want to create a focal point… an area the eye gravitates to naturally. In some rooms, it’s obvious. A dining room, for example, usually draws your eye to lighting over the dining table… especially if you’ve chosen something stunning! Other rooms may feature a smaller but beautifully crafted lighting fixtures, floor lamps, or even wall fixtures to call attention to accent pieces.

Using Dimmers to Create Atmosphere

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Installing dimmers on all your switches throughout the house can do two things: It will create atmosphere… nothing beats that moment when you dim the lights! The other thing that dimmer switches can do is not as romantic, but you’ll be thrilled when your electric bill is lower!

Be Unconventional… Have Fun With Home Lighting!

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Notice new ways to use lighting… have fun with it! There’s no reason why you can’t have a pendant over each nightstand. Tuck fairy lights in your bookcases or shelves to highlight your treasures! Think about uplighting a plant or piece of artwork with a small spotlight! Put the accent wherever you want with the use of lighting!

Made In the Shade

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If you’re looking to add a new look, and maybe even a punch of color to your room, lampshades are a great way to get a whole new look without breaking the budget! Think about where you use lampshades. Remember that you can control the effect by choosing the right color shade. Your darker shade will focus and concentrate the light in one area on the surface. Using a lighter lamp shade will create a full circle of diffused light. Colored shades will add that additional accent that a bland room may need. What is the look you’re going for?

The Secret to Dining Room Lighting

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Do you know the rule for getting the lighting just right above your dining table? To create the perfect look, and enjoyable dining experience for guests, make sure that the bottom of your chandelier is approximately thirty inches over the tabletop. Choose lighting that is in keeping with the style of your dining room. A retro or classic look to your dining room furniture may work well with your grandma’s chandelier. If you’ve got furniture that’s fresh and modern, you’ll want to update your lighting in keeping with your new look. Maybe go with an Avante-Garde fixture to create fun and adventure!

Layer Your Home Lighting

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The unspoken rule about layering your lighting says you should have at least three types of lighting in each room. If your space is small, and you think that might be overwhelming, you should use smaller fixtures, or even reduce the wattage of the bulb. Always have an accent layer to highlight the items that make the room uniquely yours!

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If you need help planning an update to your home’s lighting, call Deshaies Electric. Our professionals can help you install customer switches, dimmers, etc.
We can also give your suggestions for updated lighting based on your home.