Top Causes of Electrical Fires

The risk of electrical fires is one of the reasons why you should always use a licensed electrician to do electrical work at your home or place of businessBut what are some of the causes of electrical firesLet’s look at some of the most common causes. 

Faulty Outlets and Appliances Can Cause Electrical Fires 

When you’re using outdated appliances, you may have problems with frayed cords that can cause kitchen electrical firesIf your appliance wiring and outlets are both using outdated connections, you are also at risk of a fire occurringIf you combine these two problems, you are tempting fate and putting your safety at risk. 

Improper Use of Extension Cords Increases Your Risk of Electrical Fires 

Most people don’t realize that extension cords are designed to be a temporary solution, and you should not plug appliances to them for any significant period of timeWhenever possible, connect your devices directly into your wall outletIf your wall outlets don’t accommodate your appliances, you need to contact a licensed electrician to replace your outletsThis is a good idea in an older home, especially! 

Electrical Fires Caused by Light Fixtures 

Never, ever put anything over a lampshadeIt might seem like a good idea to drape fabric or paper over a lampshade to create a romantic atmosphereIt is so easy for the drape to catch fire when it heats up 

Another caution about light fixtures… always check the recommended bulb wattage before replacing light bulbs in your fixturesUsing a bulb that exceeds this recommendation can cause an electrical fire. 

Outdated Wiring Can Start Electrical Fires 

We touched on outdated wiring earlier but bear with meThink about all the electronic advances we’ve made in the last twenty years and all the new devices we now use that were not available to us back thenWe have so many devices that we ask our electrical system to charge, updated wiring is necessaryIf you’re not sure if your electrical wiring is up to date, have a licensed electrician inspect it for you and make recommendations. 

What Shape is Your Breaker Box In? 

Like your wiring, your breaker box should be up to date and in great shape to avoid overloading the system and starting a fireIf your breakers have worn connectors, it will not let you know when circuits are overloadedYou Breaker Box is another item for the electrician to check when they come out to look at your wiring. 

Space Heaters Must Be Used With Caution 

Using a space heater too close to combustible materials, like clothing, curtains, or rugs, make these portable appliances potentially deadlyAlways use space heaters with caution, especially those that heat coils to keep you warmThe coils get so hot over time that they are likely to cause anything close by to catch fire. 

Make Sure You’re Not a Risk for Electrical Fires 

Home Safety is a necessity these daysIf you would like to have an electrical inspection done at your home, please contact us at Deshaies Electric todayWe will be happy to send a licensed electrician to your home to make any necessary repairs to your electrical system to help minimize your electrical fire risks.