The Beauty of Exterior Accent LightingYour yard is just how you want it. The landscaping is exactly right, and you’re happy to show off the exterior of your home to anyone driving by.

Why lose all that hard work to the night sky? If you’re ready to showcase your hard work 24/7, strategically placed exterior accent lighting will do the trick!

There are more options available now than ever before. From lighting in the yard to fixtures attached to the home, check out the options available to create the perfect ambiance for your exterior.

Exterior Accent Lighting Options

You can mix and match different lighting options to captivate your nighttime audience. There are several types from which to choose.

Bullet Lighting

Versatile and compact, bullet lights are mounted on the ground to project a narrow beam. These lights are great to highlight a single feature, like ornamental trees or a unique architectural portion of your home.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting not only showcases all the hard work it took to craft your deck it also prevents tripping on the stairs.

Deck lights can be recessed into the stair surface, providing a seamless experience and preventing damage and injury as people walk. You can also place lights along the perimeter of the stair railings.


Downlights affixed to the home or high up in a tree have a long shroud around the bulb to narrow the field of light. This allows the light to focus on lawns, walkways, or showcase the tree’s foliage, creating a beautiful moonlit effect.

Pro tip: use an LED bulb for the longest amount of usable hours, reducing the number of times you have to climb for bulb replacement.

Garden Lighting

Light posts either 18 or 24 inches have a canopy on top to reflect light below, either on a walkway or onto garden beds. Choose a style to complement your hard work in the garden, as these lights are on full display.

Flood Lighting

Floodlights attached to the home or on a base in the ground cast a wide beam with bright light. These lights are often used for security but can also highlight large portions of your home or tall trees or shrubs.

String Lighting

String lights offer a warm ambiance for entertaining in your yard, whether on a patio, pavilion, gazebo, or deck. Lights are usually battery- or solar-powered, eliminating the need for outlets or extension cords.

Wash Lighting

If you want a more subdued lighting effect, wash lights offer soft lighting to highlight fences, walls, or flat facades.

Well Lighting

Flush with the ground, well lights should be invisible to showcase the underside of plant foliage or other landscape features. These lights have a protective cover, making them waterproof and able to stand up to the elements.

Making Your Exterior Bright

While some exterior accent lighting options are battery or solar-powered, some require strategic placement to take advantage of exterior outlets. Running extension cords could affect the exterior ambiance you’re looking to create.

A better option would be to have a waterproof junction box placed in an inconspicuous spot for all your outdoor lighting needs. The licensed electricians at Deshaies Electric in Odenton, Maryland, can assess your exterior outlet and lighting needs. We will provide the perfect solution that doesn’t take away from your home and garden’s beauty.

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