When Should an Electrician Install Your Ceiling Fan

If you’re proud of your DIY skills, we salute you! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of completing a home improvement project to enhance your home. There are, however, times when you should use extreme caution with home projects. Installation of a ceiling fan is one of those projects.

Dealing with electricity can be tricky, and if you don’t have a lot of knowledge and experience working with it, you are better off hiring an electrician to complete this project. Here’s when you know to call the licensed electrician:

When Wiring Is Not Present for Your Ceiling Fan Installation

If you want to install a ceiling fan where there is already a fixture, you have an advantage over a situation where there is no existing wiring. If a fan was already there, and the wiring is in good shape, you’re all set. But, if a light fixture is there, you’ll need to install brackets as well… Other than that, you’re ready to install it.
However, if there is no wiring present, and the ceiling has never had a light or fan installed, this is a more complex situation that needs a licensed electrician to do the installation.

If You Notice Your Wiring is Damaged or Frayed While Attempting the Installation

Stop what you’re doing and call a licensed electrician to finish the job for you. When wiring is damaged or frayed, this represents a real safety hazard. You are facing a potential electrical short or even an electrical fire!

An electrician must do two things in this case. First, they must figure our why the wires are damaged. Then, they must repair the wiring before attempting the installation.

If You Can’t Figure Out How to Install Your Ceiling Fan

It may be easy for an electrician to look at the instructions and figure out quickly how to install your fan. To the average person, the instructions may look confusing. It’s okay… not everybody has experience putting in a new ceiling fan. There’s also the possibility that it’s too heavy to hold over your head for the time it takes to install it.
Whatever the case may be. Leave the ceiling fan installation to a licensed electrician, and don’t take chances with shorts, shocks, or fires.

We’ll Help You Get That Ceiling Fan Installed!

You can count on Deshaies Electric to help with your ceiling fan installation, or any other electrical projects you may have around your home. We are licensed professionals that take your home and your safety seriously. Contact us today to book an appointment or consultation.