Light Up Your Kitchen Renovation

When you begin a kitchen renovation, we can assume that there are some things about your kitchen that just aren’t working for you. As you design your kitchen for a fabulous makeover, don’t forget to consider the lighting. In this article, we take a look at the different options you have for lighting your kitchen renovation, and making it a room that you love to be in!

The Different Types of Kitchen Lighting You Should Incorporate Into Your Renovation

Four types of lighting should all have a place in your kitchen design. They each serve a purpose and contribute to the enjoyment of the space. Using them in layers around the room increases the practicality of the kitchen!

Task Lighting

Task Lighting Featured

Task lighting is probably the most popular lighting in the kitchen. Let’s face it, without task lighting providing a significant amount of light on specific spaces, it isn’t easy to use your kitchen efficiently. Proper task lighting is essential for chopping, cutting, mixing, and other food preparation tasks.

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

Ambient Lighting Featured

Ambient lighting is typically your main lighting in the kitchen. It’s a general type of light that illuminates the whole room. You can use recessed lighting or track lighting to create a bright, well-lit impression for everyone who enters the room!

Accent Lighting

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Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific design element in your kitchen. It will, for example, shine a light on your kitchen island or a shelf that contains heirloom collectibles. Remember that accent lighting is used in combination with ambient lighting. It uses a much brighter glow, up the five times as bright as your standard ambient lighting. Show off areas of interest in the kitchen with your accent lighting!

Decorative Kitchen Lighting

Decorative Lighting Featured

Decorative lighting is different from the other types of lighting listed above. The difference here is that the lighting IS the design feature. You may decide to have a striking chandelier, or perhaps a series of pendant lights that add drama to the overall look of your kitchen!

These are the four main types of lighting you will need when you plan your  renovation. Remember to keep the function of each type in mind, and the way they work to blend and complement each other!

But… Let’s Be Practical!

A Mix of Practical Lighting Featured

When you’re putting together your design for your new space, be practical, and consider these things first…

  • What’s Your Budget?
  • What’s Not Working in Your Kitchen Now?
  • How Do You Plan to Use Your New Kitchen Differently?

While these considerations are not as fun and deciding how to layer the different types of light in your new space, they are essential and should form the basis of your plans.

A Mix of Beauty and Practicality

A Mix of Practical and Beauty Lighing Featured

Working with the right design team can make all the difference! Work with your lighting experts to get the look you want, within budget. There’s no reason why beauty and function can’t both play a part in your remodeled kitchen. Have the lighting you need to work in the space while enjoying the design.

If you need help deciding what to put in your new kitchen remodel, ask the folks at Deshaies Electric. We’re here for all your electrical needs, and we look forward to hearing about your plans for the new kitchen!