Electricity for Your New Hot Tub

Let’s face it… Hot Tubs are fun, especially in the fall and winter seasons. If you’re considering getting a new one, you may be wondering about how to get power to your new toy. In this article, we’ve got some suggestions for understanding the facts about electrical wiring your backyard oasis. Since water and electricity don’t mix, learn to be safe when installing and operating a hot tub.

What Type of Electricity is Required For Your Hot Tub?

One of the first considerations you need to look at is if your current electrical system can handle the additional load. This may be an issue, especially if your house is older. Newer homes are built to control more oversized loads due to the energy required by today’s technology. Most houses are configured for 110v electrical use. But many hot tubs require 240v electrical systems.

What are the Required Electrical Components for a 240v Hot Tub Installation?

Three different components must be secured before you can start installing and enjoying your hot tub. These are:

  • Your Home Circuit Breaker Panel – You’ve got to have a circuit that will meet the amperage requirements for the 240v unit. You can find these specifications in your owner’s manual.
  • Spa Control System Box – This is the part of your hot tub that contains the controls. It is connected to the system to allow you to operate it and make changes through the options.
  • Outside GFCI Disconnect Box – This is required by the National Electrical Code (NEC). You will need to have a disconnect device that works manually. So, it has to be visible from the hot tub and at least five feet away.

Do I Need a Licensed Electrician for a Hot Tub Installation?

If you need 240v electricity, and you currently have only 110v, you should contact a licensed electrician to help you with the addition of 240v. If you don’t have the knowledge or training, installing a 240v unit on your own can be dangerous. In addition to the 110-240 conversion, an electrician can run your wires through PVC conduit and understand the safest way to wire the hot tub. A licensed electrician will understand and install three or four-wire configurations. Reading wiring diagrams is second nature to them, where these diagrams may be confusing to the average non-electrician. This is not a DIY job.

Call For Help When You Need It!

When you need help installing your backyard paradise, don’t fool around with the dangers that come with inexperienced installations. It would be best to create a safe, fun spa area without worrying about the electricity. The licensed electricians at Deshaies Electrical Services are here to help you install that new hot tub in a safe location, with all your electrical needs taken care of efficiently. We can even add some festive party lighting to the area!

Contact us today, let us know when your hot tub will be delivered, and we’ll coordinate our schedules!