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Electric cars are growing in popularity across the nation, and indeed, across the globe. As the number of these energy-efficient cars grows, the need for supporting charging stations grows as well. Installing Commercial Recharging Stations for Smart Cars represents an income opportunity for local businesses and property owners and managers.
This opportunity is often overlooked for many reasons. Many people and companies that could stand to gain from this opportunity don’t really have visibility of it. Others feel it would be too complicated in terms of set up and installation. Let’s take a closer look at Commercial Recharging Stations for Smart Cars.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Recharging Stations

Installing these commercial recharging stations will bring new business to you since customers and prospects alike will have the added advantage of charging their cars while doing business with you.

By installing these recharging stations, you will demonstrate your industry leadership, and show others that you are a good steward of the earth. Your acknowledgment of future trends and the ability to stay up to pace will help your retain clients, tenants, and employees stay engaged with you.

Different Types of Commercial Charging Stations

There are several different types of commercial charging stations, and they are classified by using the measure of charging levels. Here are a few distinctions:

  • Level I – This is the slowest option that is available. In an hour, you will gain three-five miles for each hour of charging. It works with a standard 110V wall outlet.
  • Level II – Uses 208/240v and 30amp power, and yields around twelve-forty miles per hour of charging.
  • Level III – This is also known as DC Fast Charging and is the fastest charging you can offer. The range offered at this level is between thirty-five to more than one hundred miles for each hour of charging.
  • Smart Charging – this is a secondary standard that includes data communications and the ability to monitor and restrict usages. An owner can also download usage reports as desired.

How Much Does Installation Cost on a Commercial Charging Station?

As in most construction or installation projects, costs will vary depending on several factors. Standard construction procedures and regulations are in effect, so you will need to make sure you comply with the requirements for the project.

These requirements may include permits, labor, materials, internet connectivity, taxes, and the amount of site work that needs to be completed. So, with these variables under consideration, it is tough to quote or estimate costs for the project in general.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are EV charging grants and rebates that are available for commercial charging station projects. These may work to offset purchase and installation costs to get you up and running.

Need Help Installing a Commercial Charging Station?

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