Residential Electrical

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Deshaies Electrical Services provides professional residential electrical services to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.  We  specialize in all aspects of your home or apartment electrical needs, and no job is too small or too big.  Whether you’re upgrading your electrical service to more AMPS or just upgrading your outlets call Deshaies.

Commercial Electrical

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Deshaies provides professional electrical renovation services ensures your electrical systems are sufficient for your needs. It is unwise and unsafe to attempt your own electrical renovations without proper background and training. Professional electrical contractors have the skills to design and install your new electrical systems.

Marine Electrical

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Lighting for your dock area creates safe environment around your boat dock and boat lift areas. We suggest lighting that casts downward  illumination, which enhances safety, illuminating pathways, and keeps glare to a minimum. Still using an extension cord to power your boat lift? Increase safety and reliability with permanent electric.

Electrical Tips

  • Winter Electrical Safety Tips
    Winter Electrical Safety Tips
    The winter months can get quite cold here in Maryland, prompting people to pull out their “get warm and stay warm” gear. Here are a few winter electrical safety tips to keep in mind before you plug in your preferred winter items. Space Heaters According to the Electrical Safety Foundation...
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  • Electrical Standards 101 for Landlords
    Electrical Standards 101 for Landlords
    As a landlord, you take on a great responsibility to maintain a safe and habitable dwelling for your current and future tenants. That responsibility extends to having essential services available within the home, including utilities like electricity, heat, running water, and sewage disposal. Meeting these basic living standards for your...
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  • Why is My Electrical Outlet Hot
    Why is My Electrical Outlet Hot?
    If you have an electrical outlet or two in your house that feels warm to the touch, you might assume that it’s something that just happens sometimes. The truth is,...
  • Operating Your Backup Generator Safely This Winter
    Operating Your Backup Generator Safely This Winter
    Bad weather and power outages are no fun, but it’s even worse in the winter. If a major storm comes through, you and your family could be left in the...
  • Your Whole House Surge Protector
    Your Whole House Surge Protector
    When a power surge hits, it can destroy or damage your electronic equipment. Most electrical equipment is made to run at a specific voltage. Although these devices can typically handle...
  • Smoke Alarms with Ten Year Batteries
    Smoke Alarms with Ten-Year Batteries
    Does your smoke alarm chirp at you at the most inconvenient times? If so, you probably have older style models with 9-volt batteries. If you do, here’s your chance to...
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