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Deshaies Electrical Services provides professional electrical renovation services for homeowners, contractors and developers in the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Region


Renovating the electrical systems in your home or business is no small chore. First, you need to ensure your home or business electrical system supports upcoming renovations. Impropper, lagging or over extended electrical systems can stop a respective renovation project in its tracks.

Deshaies provides professional electrical renovation services ensures your electrical systems are sufficient for your needs. It is unwise and unsafe to attempt your own electrical renovations without proper background and training. Professional electrical contractors have the skills to design and install your new electrical systems.

Deshaies Electrical Services handles electrical construction projects both large and small. Our years of experience designing, updating, installing, inspecting and complete commercial and residential electrical systems mean your electrical renovations will go smoothly. 


There are many reasons to renovate, redesign and update your residential or commercial electrical systems. Home wiring updates increase the safety and effectiveness of your electrical systems. Upgrading service panels can increase the electrical output and support larger appliances and energy needs. 


Service panel upgrades and aluminum wiring renovations can drastically improve the functionality of your home or business. Trusted electrical contractors like Deshaies can update sometimes dangerous aluminum wiring. Damaged and old electrical service panels can leave your home or business without the necessary power to function, which can hinder your lighting and electrical options.


Property renovations in Annapolis & Anne Arundel County must meet electrical output and wiring safety codes. The electrical system inspections experts at Deshaies can complete your electrical renovation needs as well as inspect the electrical system. Let Deshaies design and ensure the safety of the electrical system in your new construction or renovation. 

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Called in with an emergency on a sunday morning. The owner said he would around to his guys and somebody should be there within 2 or 3 hours which sounded great to me. Less than 10 minutes later he called me back and said he would come by himself since it would be too long before someone else could get here. He was here about 20 minutes later and everything was fixed within minutes. Very friendly service and he even offered to stay and help with anything else since I had paid for the time. Most people would do the job and leave but not these guys. They actually care about getting the job done right and providing great service. Will definitely be using them again.

Odenton, MD